How to Watch the News

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This might seem like a silly premise for an article, but as long as the news and the news media has existed in our world, theirs been good news and bad news. Some days it even seems all bad, and with so many ways to see and hear the news nowadays, it can be hard not to absorb all that negativity.

So how do you remain a happy and yet well-informed citizen of the globe? Well, there are a few tricks that might surprise you when it comes to taking in your dose of san fernando valley news.

First, pick one or two ways to get the major news of the day. It could be a Podcast, TV channel, radio show, or webpage, as long as it covers current events. The mediums should be special to you, either a great host, quality programming, or ease of access. Once you’ve picked thoseĀ… dispose of the rest.

Sticking with it

Let’s say you watch the evening news because you like the host, and you picked a podcast because it updates every single day and is customizable. Now that you have those two ways of watching the news, only use those news sources at specific times of the day.

If the news show comes on at 5:30 and the podcast is an hour long, block those times out for news absorption and use that. Don’t watch any other news programs that take up your time. A brief news spiel between songs on a radio is fine, but watching the 4:30 news isn’t.

Finally when you do watch the bad stuff on the news, take the time to let it all pass through you and then let it go. Stressing over something you saw on a screen isn’t the best way to spend an afternoon.

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